Board of Directors

The A Better Chance Board of Directors is a dedicated group of community volunteers responsible for monitoring all of the activities of the ABC House and ensuring financial and community support for the program. Through committees, these volunteer Board members select the scholars and program staff, raise funds to support the program, provide academic and personal counsel and maintain the residence.

Executive Committee

Bob Pearce, President

Alex Williams, Secretary

Andy Estell, Treasurer

Linda Schofield, Past President

Academic Committee

Lauren Shafer, Chair and Academic Advisor 

Kara Petras, SHS Faculty

 Thomas Frank, Academic Advisor

 Margot Marenakos, Academic Advisor

Cathie Oken, Academic Advisor

Alumni Committee


College Selection Committee

Jamie Silver, Chair

Fundraising Committee

Sheri Eklund, Chair

Steve Kapiloff

Liz Keppel

Health Committee

Emily Lou McLean, Chair





House and Van Committee

Mark Deming , House

Cathy Bartell, Van

Host Family Committee

Ellen and Curt Palmer, Chairs


Thomas Frank, Chair

Student Affairs Committee

Pat Dryden, Chair

Lauren-Allen Jones

Ken Brasel

Joe Townsley

Student Selection Committee

Rick Schwartz, Chair

Andy Estell

Chris McNally

Cathy Oken

Karen Burgess