In addition to their academic and other talents, Simsbury ABC students are chosen for their maturity, personality, and leadership potential.  Much is expected of students in the Simsbury ABC Program such as following the rules of the program, contributing to the house and maintaining high academic standards.   Students also strive to be active members of the Simsbury community by participating in sports, music and theater programs, school clubs and community service. 
Administrators, counselors and teachers at Simsbury High School acknowledge the positive impact of ABC students.  All staff, faculty and students benefit from interacting with individuals from diverse backgrounds and all are better prepared for an increasingly multi-ethnic and multicultural society.


Josue Salcedo

Class of 2020
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Host Family: Chrissy and Tommy Barnard
Academic Advisor: Cathie Oken Activities: One Acts, Winter musical
Sports: Unified sports
Interests: Theater, Dance, Singing, Visual arts


Malaki Tatum

Class of 2020
Hometown: Far Rockaway, NY
Host Family: Carolyn and Chris Lech Academic Advisor: Tom Frank Activities: Youth Group
Sports: Diving, Volleyball, Cross country
Interests: Music, Singing