Resident Director

Ron Brown, EdD
Ron Brown is the resident director who provides day-to-day supervision, guidance, support, discipline and mentoring to the students.   This is his first year at ABC Simsbury.  Ron is himself an ABC graduate of the Pomfret School. He is also a graduate of Brown University and received his doctorate from Harvard University.  Ron said, “As an ABC graduate, I have been looking for an opportunity to give back, and this is that chance.  I know from my own experience the beneficial impact that ABC has on its graduates.”  Ron serves on the faculty at Northeastern University and uses a blend of face-to-face and online technologies in his work.



Resident Tutor

Douglas Nielson
Doug organizes and monitors the students’ academic progress and study sessions.  As a second career teacher, he has an aptitude for working with young people to hone their study skills.  Doug has 25 years of business experience, much of it internationally with DHL, the Helsinki School of Economics, and Finland's Ministry of Trade and Industry. Currently, Doug teaches in the Business Department of Simsbury High School.  “Being the tutor at ABC is a perfect fit for me, both personally and professionally,” Doug shared. “The ABC Program and students have been a joy to work with.” This is Doug's fourth year at ABC.





Program Administrator

Christine O’Hanlon-Bonchick
Christine has a long history of working in non-profits and has a track record in business operations and administration. Christine has three children all of whom are in college.

House Cook

Angela Gomez-Nieto: Angela has a long record of working with non-profit service organizations such as HARC and Favrah and she is eager is contribute to our program.


John Helmkamp: John pays the bills for ABC and maintains the program income statement and balance sheet.  

Assistant Bookkeeper

Trudy Pearce: Trudy handles all accounts receivables for the program and provides essential input to fundraising.