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Welcome to Simsbury A Better Chance (ABC)

The Simsbury A Better Chance Program (ABC) is a non-profit organization making a difference in the lives of academically talented young men of color from underserved communities.  Since 1973, the Program has offered motivated, outstanding, minority youth the opportunity to achieve their dreams through education.  

Our students are primarily from cities in the Northeast, and they live in Simsbury for the four years they attend Simsbury High School.  They return home on school vacations and during the summer.  In Simsbury, each student has a “host family” which gives them a family experience away from home.

We know from over 45 years experience that our young men, through their experiences attending Simsbury High School and their involvement with the Simsbury community, will have the opportunity to attend the colleges of their choice and to assume positions of leadership and responsibility in society.


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The mission of the Simsbury ABC Program is to increase the number of well-educated minority men who graduate from college and assume positions of responsibility and leadership in their careers.


Welcome to our new freshman Anthony!  We're looking forward to a great school year!


Linda Schofield hosts the discussion with fellow board members Bob Pearce and Ann Prowda, and resident director Derek Roberts.

A pictorial history of the Simsbury A Better Chance Program, presented at the 2013 40th Anniversary Celebration.