Support Us

The Simsbury A Better Chance Program is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that is dependent upon the support of caring individuals like you who contribute time and money. Through your support, we are able to provide our students with an environment conducive to learning , while also making them feel part of the Simsbury community.  ABC does not receive any government funds or financial support from the National ABC Program.   

We are grateful for the donations which support our students, our house and our program.  The generous donations from the Simsbury community account for about 80% of our operating budget.  Our primary fundraising event is an annual mail solicitation to Simsbury households, which is followed by a phonathon in the Fall.

The remainder of the annual budget is donated by businesses, civic groups, religious organizations and foundations.  Because the Board, Academic Advisors and Host Families are all volunteers and the staff is compensated primarily through room and board, our administrative costs are extremely low. Thus, when you donate to Simsbury ABC, you can be assured that your contribution will have a direct impact on the students we serve.


  • Groceries and household supplies
  • Operational costs: food, utilities, cable, heat, Internet
  • School supplies: notebooks, pencils, folders, flash drives
  • Staff salaries
  • Cultural activities in the Greater Hartford area
  • Insurance costs
  • Maintenance for the house and van
  • Health care


Donations Are Not Used For

  • Board of Directors compensation
  • Membership fees to the National A Better Chance organization
  • Accountants or professional fund raisers